How to Get Fair Skin

How to Get Fair Skin

Did you ever wish that your skin was a bit fairer, a little clearer? Before we get to those little tips you can take on how to get fair skin, let’s mention the very best thing you can do to ensure your skin is as wonderful as it can be: avoid the sun.

Skin discoloring

First of all, almost all serious skin discoloring can be attributed to over-exposure to the sun. Because the UVB and UVA rays of the sun cause skin damage, these rays are dangerous to your health in general. Take the following precautions whenever you go outdoors before you even think of trying any of the other tips:

  • Keep your bare skin out of direct sunlight.
  • Use a sunblock with a high SPF – at a minimum, use one that’s at least SPF 30. Find one with a mineral block such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide – such a sunblock may give your skin a slight whitish tinge – if it’s too white, mix in a little foundation makeup.
  • Wear a big floppy hat that shades your face, neck, and shoulders. Experiment with the style – you can still be fashionable with your magnificent hats.

Fair skin

Second, in our quest on how to get fair skin, let’s talk diet – eat fruits, especially pears, apples, mangoes, guava, and peaches. A healthy diet will make your skin healthy. And drink lots of water, at least ten glass per day – dehydration does your skin no good whatsoever. And having more than enough water daily will also reduce those dark under-eye circles.

Skin care

How to get fair skinThird, be sure to follow a regimen of good face care. At least once a day, use a gentle facial cleanser. If you have a poor complexion, try these remedies to restore smooth clear skin:

  • Sandalwood oil can help in the removal of pimples, freckles, rashes, and red blotches. It will reduce prickly heat, lessen the effects of over-exposure to the sun, and heal swelled face. The oil itself may be a little expensive, but the effect is worth it. You can add sandalwood oil every other item you use on your skin, from facial cleanser, to skin toner, to face scrub, to moisturizer. With sandalwood oil, you’ll find it even easier to maintain a fair and clear complexion.
  • Almonds can be ground into rosewater to create a paste to apply to your skin – leave on for a half-hour, then gently wash off.
  • Mix an egg white, a bit of lemon juice, and some honey – apply the paste to your face, and leave for fifteen minutes, then gently wash off.
  • Wash your face in tomato juice, or tomato juice and oatmeal – the antioxidants within these ingredients will be an excellent treatment for your skin.
  • Mix milk powder with warm water to create a paste to spread on your face – let the paste sit for thirty minutes, then rinse it off with cool water.
  • Cut a fresh papaya in half and rub the cut side over your face each night to help restore clear skin.

Make-up and skin

Fourth, think about make-up and clothes that will make your skin appear lighter than it actually is. Wear dark clothes. Do not wear beige or white clothes that will make your skin seem dark in contrast. However, your clothes do not have to be black — try some bright bold colors that flatter your natural coloring.

As to make-up, try using a light base that’s a shade lighter than the natural color of your skin – over that base, dust on a light translucent powder to enhance the fairness of your skin. Do not put on lots of makeup, or your face will look unnatural, not at all what you’re going for. In the summertime, pick a base that also has sunscreen for that little bit of extra protection against the sun that will help you keep your skin fair.

If you wear lipstick or use eye makeup, use darker shades for contrast with your skin – but do not overdo it. Pick either the lips or the eyes to emphasize with the darker make-up, but not both – the result of doing both in this manner will make you look overdone.

Facial treatments

Fifth, here are some facial treatments that go beyond cleansing, and that actually cause some lightening of the skin.

  • Mix honey and lemon juice, apply to the face and skin, leaving it in place for twenty minutes before washing it off with cool water.
  • For dry skin, mix equal amounts of honey and cucumber juice, apply to your face and your body, leave on for fifteen minutes, and then wash off.
  • For oily skin, use one teaspoon of cucumber juice alone – to make some cucumber juice, grate the skin off from a cucumber, and squeeze out the juice.
  • At night, as you’re getting ready for bed, after you’ve washed off all your make-up and lotions, dab some lemon juice on your face, keeping the juice away from the eyes.
  • You may feel some slight heat, but try to keep the juice on for at least fifteen minutes before you wash it off
  • Put on a facial yogurt mask or use a tea-tree facial cleanser, and wash off with milk – all three ingredients are skin lighteners. Tea tree cleansers will also help with sunburns.

Skin lightening treatments

Sixth, for more serious skin lightening treatments, try the following:

  • Use a bleaching or lightening cream. These creams, though they will help you lighten skin, should be used with care. Use with caution. Before you apply any on your entire body, try a dab on a small test spot on your forearm to see if your skin reacts adversely. Also, be sure to consult your own dermatologist before any use.
  • On a three-times-a-week schedule, apply either salicylic or glycolic acid, both of which are natural skin lighteners.
  • Try applying hydroquinone, found in over-the-counter cosmetic products – look for 2% or less within the product. Test the product before applying – if your skin darkens, a rare abnormal reaction that may happen with dark-skinned people, wash it all off, and discontinue use immediately. Visit a dermatologist if you’re not sure whether or not you should try a hydroquinone product.

You should be very patient – it can take a long time to lighten your skin. A complete lightening result can take anywhere from several months to several years. Daily consistency is the key.

Warnings on your way on how to get fair skin:

  • Never use any product with a concentration of hydroquinone that is higher than 2%.
  • Never use laundry bleach on your skin thinking it will lighten your skin – it won’t, and can cause serious burns.
  • Never use hair bleach on your skin.