Homemade Facial Scrub

Homemade Facial Scrub

A homemade facial scrub is a beauty agent that you should try making and using for yourself one of these days. Using a homemade facial scrub will give you so many advantages that you cannot get from commercially prepared facial scrubs.

Advantages of using a homemade facial scrub


  1. You get to make sure that whatever stuff you are putting on your face is made only from fresh and natural ingredients. Many commercially manufactured facial scrubs contain synthetic ingredients that are harmful to the skin and accelerate its aging.
  2. The ingredients you get to use for your homemade facial scrub are certainly rich in nutrients that will make your skin truly soft and healthy. It is always better to get the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs straight from their natural sources. In this way, you get the full nutrient blast without the synthetic cocktail that you get from commercially manufactured facial scrubs.
  3. The ingredients you need to make your own facial scrub are typically found in your own kitchen. You don’t have to go shopping for these ingredients from inaccessible health stores. If you don’t have an ingredient you need, you can always make a short trip to your local supermarket or grocery store.
  4. A homemade facial scrub is much cheaper than those you buy from a beauty store. Beauty products, especially those with high-end brands, can be very expensive and require significant investments on your part. It is not always practical to spend so much money on beauty products, especially when you can make your own at only a fraction of the price.

A Few Pointers to Remember

Homemade Facial Scrub

Homemade Facial Scrub

As great as homemade facial scrubs are, there are a few things you need to remember before you start making and using one. One is you need to know if your skin is allergic to certain substances or not. There are so many scrumptious facial scrub recipes that you can find on the Internet. You may feel encouraged to try out one of these recipes. However, if it happens that you are allergic to an ingredient in the recipe, you may develop skin conditions instead of attaining smooth and lovely skin.

Another thing is you need to use whatever homemade facial scrub you make all in one go. It is only necessary for you to use a deep-cleansing facial scrub once a week. If you make too much of the stuff, it will go bad after a couple of days even if you put it in the fridge. Beauty is nothing if you waste so much to achieve it.

A homemade facial scrub is great. It is a cheap way to keep your skin beautiful using ingredients you can easily obtain. You should try your hand at making a homemade facial scrub today.

Try it by yourself

Here are a few recipes for natural facial scrubs. You can find almost all ingredients in your fridge, so don’t hesitate and do your skin some good.

  • Sugary Goodness. Mix together an egg yolk, some brown sugar and some honey. Play with the ingredients until a the consistency is nice, smooth and not runny. Apply to face and neck, rubbing the mask gently with your fingers in circular manner. Wait 10 minutes, then wash your face. This mask is both cleansing and nourishing.
  • Coffee Brake. Mix together some ground coffee, sea salt and olive oil. Rub gently to your face. Wash off immediately.
  • Soda. Use some baking soda on your face. Make sure your face is wet before you apply. Rub gently, try not to overdo it or your skin might get irritated. Wash off. This mask is great for teenagers and people with oily skin.