Homemade Body Scrub

Homemade Body Scrub

Homemade body scrubs are extremely inexpensive and have the benefit of being all-natural and handmade. Add a beautiful container and a ribbon and you have a pretty and practical present for your friends and family. You can also make the preparation of scrubs a good fun activity for you and your children, and perhaps even a way to teach them the value of handmade goods.

How to make a Body Scrub?

To make a body scrub you need a base, or otherwise said the “scrubbing agent”. Then you need a carrier oil which will make the scrubbing less harsh so it doesn’t irritate your skin. The carrier oil can also be a moisturiser, thus adding additional benefit. Lastly, as an addition, scents and colours can be added to give the body scrub bigger appeal.


The most common base for a body scrub is sugar. We all have it in our pantries and it gives nice texture to the end product. You can use plain white sugar, brown sugar or a combination of the two. Another base can be epsom salts. Salty scrubs rejuvenate the skin wonderfully.  Baking soda and ground coffee can be added as an addition to the salt or sugar, for extra scrubbiness and nicer texture.

Carrier Oil

You can use any edible oil as a carrier. However, it would be better if the oil is as little processed as possible. Cold-pressed olive oil or organic coconut oil are great choices, but you can also use canola, avocado or almond oil. Anything you have in the pantry. Note that if you use solid oils such as coconut oil, you’ll need to melt it before you combine the ingredients.


Add a bit of scent and colour to make the body scrub more fun. You can colour the scrub using food colouring. For scent you can either add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or some spices and herbs such as cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, rosemary, lavender, etc., or even some lemon or other citrus juice.


To make the scrub, stir together your dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Add as much oil as needed for the base to absorb. The end result should be a crumbly mixture. Spoon the scrub to your containers of choice and enjoy next time you take a shower.

And if you do make yourself a scrub please tell me: which is your favourite combination? Do you make yourself a simple sugar vanilla scrub or do you prefer more exotic smells?