Which hairstyle suits me?

Did you already ask yourself which hairstyle suits you in the new year? With the online application of Clairol you can upload your own image and try different haircuts and styles on your head. So you can find out which new hairstyles may suit you. There are different haircuts and colors you can chose. Most of them are for female, but also a few are for men hair styles.

On the following picture of hairstyles you can see what you can get from this application.

For checking out the Hairstyle-Application do the following steps:

  1. Visit the website Virtual Makeover tool.
  2. Upload your image or chose an available model.
  3. Start to figure out your new hairstyle

I hope this is useful to you, if you like or dislike it, write a comment!

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brenda edgeington

have shoulder length hair that is light brown with streaks of blond. I cover the gray with the brown and once evey 12 months add a little bleach for the blond around my face. Is this getting too young. I am told I look very young for 66.


i hate those haircuts who in the real world would wear them except for the last one that ones pretty but the other ones are really ugly!!!!!

I would change them to better ones


I really love this application. It toook a little bit of figuring out, but once I got it,
it worked like a charm.

Sometimes, the hair style you may already have doesn’t quite look right when it’s applied to you virtully, but hey, machines can’t do everything.

I’m really glad for this site. I almost made a horrible hair decision! :]

jo jo

Well, since its the same person each time, i can tell its just a wig. So, i dont get the true effect of what each hairstyle would look like. Does anyone else feel what im feelin? Like, they shoiuld have had different people for each hairstyle that was truly their hair. And they shouldv’e chosen people of a number of hair colors because color matters when it comes to the style. Just saying… But I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


I loved this – hairstyles were not perfect, but give you a good idea, and the color application is great, even to take to a hairstylist. 🙂


Hi im niki and i hate my hair and i want a new one!! help me choose


IS all this free???

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