Green Tea

Recently I started to drink a lot of green tea. I love the smell of yasmine tea pearls and also in general of green tea. It can be very soothing and calming. Check out this site to learn which is the best green tea available. There are many sorts of green teas and it is also interesting to know about how to make it properly.

Especially before I go to bed, I make it a habit to have a cup of tea, that makes it much easier to fall asleep. And beside that, it is very interesting, that green tea is healthy as well. There are many studies about the effects of green tea on the human body. On the above site is also an article about the green tea diet, which shows that green tea can be a really good addition to improve your health.

Asian people seem to drink green tea for long time already and for example in Japan the rate of cancer is lower than in other countries. It is not yet clear if that is really because of the green tea, because in Japan, people tend to eat more fish as well. But so far I couldn’t find any negative effects about drinking green tea daily.

How do you like this tea? Do you drink it often or do you not like it at all? Would be interesting to read your opinion.


2 thoughts on “Green Tea

  1. Gayatri

    My mom drinks green tea too. She says it’s supposed to have a fair and positive affect on your skin and body as well. I guess that could also do with the nice and clear skin in Japan, plus restating your entry the seafood may also play a major role as far as health is concerned. I mean, they are surrounded by water after all. & To mention, they have a longer life span, though it’s said that space (literally) contributes to the life span of everyone (and Japan is packed, just like India, and many other countries.) Yet, they have the longest life span. Something to think about, huh.

  2. jeanne bukowski

    interested in eye masks


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