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How to Improve Your Health Easily

We all want to be healthy and live long. But how many of us are willing to change their way of living to achieve this goal? Change is hard. In our minds the pain of changing our comfortable lifestyle is more than the long-term goal of being healthy. This makes us struggle with our diets, promise ourselves that we’ll quit smoking tomorrow and give up on our resolve not to snack between meals the moment we see the free donuts in the office.

I believe that the single mind shift which will make a real difference in our lives is to realize that we don’t have to completely change and give up out little comforts right now. New year resolutions hardly ever help. A decision to completely change yourself in one day rarely works. Change has to be gradual – little baby steps, every single day.

So what do you think is the best first step to improve your health painlessly? The following video will show you.

As it turns out a simple 30 minute walk every day will help you keep your weight in check, give you a better fitness level, decrease your risk of diabetes and hearth disease, decrease anxiety and depression, increase your energy levels and improve your general quality of life.

Now, if this still does not motivate you enough on daily basis, here are some suggestions:

Get a dog. As suggested in the video, having a dog will make go out for a walk several times daily. Another researchshows that dog owners not only have improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels but better chance to recover from serious diseases.

Buy a pedometer and walk 10 000 steps per day. Having a pedometer gives you a measurable goal for each day. The 10 000 steps goal started as a marketing campaign, but recent research shows that 10 000 steps a day is indeed a healthy goal. You can buy a pedometer for just a fiver online. If you prefer a fancy gadget-y one instead, you can get a piece of the new generation wearable technology. Get a FitBitNike Fuel Band or Jawbone Up.

Another, simpler motivation method could be just establishing the habit of walking with your significant other every evening.  Make this time feel like a treat. This will give you the opportunity of sharing your day and enjoying a conversation much better than if you are together in front of the TV.

You can also just start to alter small habits such as using the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator; go to work by foot, if possible; in a rainy day don’t just stay at home but go to a museum or a mall where you can walk indoors, etc.

And remember: every beginning is difficult but once you establish the habit and feel the results you will enjoy walking and the improved quality of life that comes with it.


Short Hairstyles for Women

Some hairstyles come and go with the winds of time. Short hairstyles, however, will always be popular. For one, they are easy to take care of. They don’t require much time, and because you can use less product on them they are also cheaper. Additionally, having short hair can make a woman look both younger and smarter.

Short hairstyles range from:

  • Boy cut short hair to chin length,
  • From messy to smooth,
  • And from straight to curly.

Not all of them, however, look great on all people. It is important to choose the right one for you. Factors which can affect this include your hair type, your face shape, your skin tone, and your eye color. You should also take into consideration your personality, your job, and the amount of time you have.

Professional Consultation from a hairstylist

There are several ways people can determine the right short hairstyles. The best way is to get a hair consultation. This means that a professional hairstylist examines your hair, head, and face, asks you questions about your life, and makes a recommendation based on these things. However, this can sometimes be expensive. A cheaper method is to purchase hair styling software. Using this, you can upload your picture and try as many different hairstyles as you want. Finally, you can use the classic method of looking through hair style magazines. This is cheaper than the other two, but it does not give you as good of an idea of how the style will look on you personally.

Care for short hairstyles

The products a person should use when creating short hairstyles depend largely on their hair type. If you have curly hair, you probably want to spray it with a frizz control product before styling it. Fine hair, on the other hand, may need a volumizer or a mousse to give it more body. Different hair types will also benefit from different kinds of brushes:

  • Thick hair does best with a short, natural bristlewhile
  • Fine hair benefits from a longer bristle.

And don’t forget your hair dryer. It is probably the most important part of styling short hair. When combined with a round brush, it can give your hair an almost instant lift. If, on the other hand, you want a messy look, use the blow dryer with your fingers and mousse.

Short hairstyles are as numerous as the people who wear them. But no matter who you are or what you do, you can find one that will suit you. And when you do, you are sure to be pleased with how easy it is to take care of.

Woman with short hairstyle

3 Easy Ways to Make Amazing Nail Polish Designs

I am one of those lazy people who love to have glamorous nails but don’t like to be bothered with the trouble of making them so (and don’t like spending money for manicure). Thanks to the good old Internet, however,  I could find some great ideas for easy and amazing looking nail designs. Here’s what I found:

Easy Splatter Paint Nails

The original article can be found in this blog, called Pretty Gossip. I think this nail polish design is big fun. Both as final result and making process. It is a bit a messy  business, but when precautions are taken there shouldn’t be any problem.

As it is seen fromt he picture below, basically the technique is splattering two of the three used nail polish colors over polished nails with the thirds, base color. This is done by dipping the straw in nail polish and then splattering it by blowing trough the straw.

Fish Tail Manicure

The original article can be found in this blog. I love this idea. It is somehow simple and yet very effective. I also love when only one nail out of the 5 have a certain effect. It makes the whole look more simple, but still interesting.

So, the technique is creating more visual interest by creating an easy and yet sophisticated design in the ring finger. Everyone knows how to create a fish tail braid, this is similar but with nail polish. And it looks cute.

Turquoise and Gold

Well, I’m sure it works with other colors too. It’s the technique that’s interesting. By using a plastic bag and a shiny nail polish, we create a pleasant texture over a solid colored base.

The whole tutorial is available in The beauty Department.


Which hairstyle suits me?

Did you already ask yourself which hairstyle suits you in the new year? With the online application of Clairol you can upload your own image and try different haircuts and styles on your head. So you can find out which new hairstyles may suit you. There are different haircuts and colors you can chose. Most of them are for female, but also a few are for men hair styles.

On the following picture of hairstyles you can see what you can get from this application.

For checking out the Hairstyle-Application do the following steps:

  1. Visit the website Virtual Makeover tool.
  2. Upload your image or chose an available model.
  3. Start to figure out your new hairstyle

I hope this is useful to you, if you like or dislike it, write a comment!